Our House is going to Wash Away!

Spring is almost here.  Rocky is excited to start our new garden bed which requires him to hire a grader to dig up and loosen the earth on the plot.  So he thought while he hires the grater, he will ask the grater to dig up the water line for new replacement on the same job.  In which there will be 3 feet deep trench running 30 feet from the water meter to our basement.  We were both really happy when the job was done. Now we have a new waterline and moving forward on our vegetable garden.  The County Inspector will come to say okay then we can close then trench up the following Monday.  On Friday, it started to rain and Rocky checked the weather that heavy rain is expecting over the weekend.  All the water will go straight to our basement and further weaken our foundation.  OH NO!  That night, only Lulu was able to sleep soundly.  Rocky and I was awake most of the night hearing the rain tapping on the roof.  7:30 am came around.  Rocky went to the house and checked the basement which has less water then he thought and drove directly to the hardware store to get plastic to cover the trench, for there was more rain to come.


IMG_0244 IMG_0246 .

Our garden plot

After breakfast, we went to the house.  First to pick rocks from the garden plot which took over 2 hours.  After lunch we went back and cover the trench with plastic.  It didn’t rain as heavy as we expected the following night but I am overjoyed the trench was covered. It is Thurs the following week now, the inspector came and we buried the trench back.  I am glad to see our house didn’t get wash away

Now we have plastic to build a green house in the garden that we will tackle coming weekend.