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My name is Joanne. My life has revolved being a freelance photographer for the past 20 plus years in NYC.  After the birth of our daughter Lulu, my partner Rocky and I both decided that it was time for a change of scenery to raise our kid.  Rocky was brought up on a farm, he thought it will be great if Lulu can experience a kind of freedom that we couldn’t offer her from Midtown Manhattan.  So here were are now in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.  Our move happened very spontaneously without much of a plan.  I said adios to our little apartment off Time Square and didn’t look back.    We recently have purchased a little grandma house with challenging amount of work. Our goal is to bring the house to livable condition, able to have a garden that will provide all of our produce and raise chicken, snail and fish for protein.  A 180 from living a few blocks away from Time Square.  We still have a long way before we reach our goal. Hopefully we will not go nutty before that.

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