Pig Head


Our friends Erin and Jimmy was getting ready to butcher their 2 pigs and offer me one of the heads.  I was really excited for this brand new adventure.  I expressed my overwhelming excitement to Rocky, my partner in life.  He has a completely different take on the situation.  For he grew up on a farm and was aware that the head was covered with a lot of hair, more hair than I can handle in our small apt.  Then I found a bunch of youtube videos on how to prepare a pig head.  Every single head I saw was so clean and pink.  The chef demonstrated you can just clean the remaining hair with a little shaver or burn it off which I barely saw hair on the animal.  I showed the videos to Rocky and explained that this will be a piece of cake.

The day of the head….I am going to write this in a short version. Erin, Jimmy and I stood side by side from 12pm to sun down cleaning the heads.  Luckily we did this outdoor at the farm. The head has so much hair. We will shave the head and immediately  stubble was growing back in.  I must say it was a great bonding experience.  This experience is the completely opposite of speed dating. How often do you get a chance to spend quality time with friends nowadays!  At 4:30 Rocky showed up to help. We got home at 7pm, Rocky spent another hour cleaning.  We marinated it for 2 days in Chinese 5 spices.  It was delicious but fatty and lasted for another 3 meals.  My favorite part was the ears.